Kamara's Support Journal (aramak) wrote,
Kamara's Support Journal

Support Journal

Welcome to the Support Journal of kamara.

I'll be using this journal as a ranting place, and also as a place to keep links to reviews, canned answers and other important things.

If for some bizarre reason you want to read the canned, reviews etc stuff. Then please e-mail me. If you would like to be added to read the rant stuff, then please leave a comment. If I don't add you it does not mean I'm ranting about you. It just means I don't know you well enough to let you into my psychotic rants :)

If you are added you are expected not to share this information with anyone else, other than me privately. If I find out you are sharing then I'll smack you with a rather large spoon.

You do not need to be on my friends list to read this journal, but eh, it would be nice I guess. So anyways, if you're leaving here. Baie baie. If you're staying: Hi!
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